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Image by Dominik Schröder

The OpenMind Initiative

Due to global warming novel pathogens will emerge.


Every time we cannot put the World on hold till a solution is found.

vaccine deployment stats

$1.4 Billion 

10+ years

With Openmind initiative

Negligible $ 


 few weeks to deploy

Image by Jake Weirick


Health Security and Pandemics



The outbreak of COVID-19 showcased the inability of humans to act fast in producing an effective drug. To drastically reduce the amount of time taken in drug development, quantum computers have been used by researchers such as Swaroop Ghosh at Penn State. However, a large amount of time also goes in human trials.


To solve this problem and enable fast drug development and deployment, I propose the development of nano living analysers. These are cellular, organic robots that analyse bodily functions and transmit this crucial data through a smart device to a new species of quantum computer: the OpenMind.


In this paper, I describe the architecture of each of these technologies and how they will act together to vastly improve global health and security as well as how OpenMind will pave the path to global access to open knowledge. Thus leading humanity on the God Path.


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